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The Astri Experience~ Water

Experience a weekend expressing your creativity and having the opportunity to discover and receive the essence of water.

April 8th - 10th

WATER! On the water, in the water, with the water.

This weekend is about spending time on or by the water and engaging in activities with water to appreciate its beauty and power.

The weekend will be filled with water activities, delicious and fresh food and beverages and hidden secrets and treasures of fun and delight! 

There will be many opportunities for activity, creativity and interaction with the schedule being flexible and free form. The intention is for you to create the experience you desire.

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Resident Weirdos

Theresa Walton and Ann Marie Skordy are bringers of all kinds of weird from interdimensional and earthly realms. Join them for a unique experience as they combine creativity of expression with the natural and supernatural worlds.


Ann Marie Skordy


Theresa Walton

By Discovering Nature you Discover Yourself.  
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