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Event Schedule

FRIDAY April 8th  - DAY 1
5-6 PM  Welcome Reception & Happy Hour
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Sunset Boat Cruise to Island

8 PM Fireside Freestyle with Roger & Junior

SATURDAY April 9th  - DAY 2
7-9 AM Breakfast
9-12 AM Water Activities & Creativity
12 PM Lunch
2-6 PM Water Activities & Creativity
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Fireside with the Elementals

SUNDAY April 10th  - DAY 3
7-9 AM Breakfast
Bloody Mary Bar & Mimosas

SUNDAY FUNDAY optional add on's:
boat cruise, island picnic, jet ski rentals
*late check outs available to all that want to stay and enjoy the property

Each participant receives their own individualized intuitive SWAG bag

Water Activities- kayak, paddleboard, island time, sun gazing, water colors, water imprinting, hydrosols, "life elixirs" and more!

When not engaged in a water activity or creation project, feel free to sit in the sunshine, put your feet in the sand, journal by the water, find a quiet space for self reflection or meditation, take a nap, indulge yourself in whatever feels good to you.

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