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Art In Nature

Join Dana for a weekend of fun and art  on top of Pine Mountain in the middle of the largest State Park in Georgia

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Dana Sardano

Dana Sardano is an artist, empath, educator and the owner of Ubuntu Fish Gallery in Stuart, Florida.  She understands the importance of combining nature and creativity to truly connect with ourselves and the world around us.   

Dana will lead you through a weekend of self reflection, natural connection, and artistic expression as well as help you to explore who you are and who you aspire to be--all while facilitating your creating three beautiful pieces or art.  

  • Day 1 Spirit Animal Art-  Ease into the weekend with some light conversation about the wonder of animals, their unique attributes and all we can learn from these magnificent creatures.  Dana will then guide you in creating a piece of artwork that will showcase the animal of your choice and those attributes that you would like to embrace in your daily life

  • Day 2 Nature Walk-  Begin your day by getting outdoors and communicating with nature.  Join Dana for a walk in nature while you appreciate and connect with the natural world.  On your walk you will gather little treasures that you will use during your creative process later that afternoon.

  • Day 2 Magic Wands-  Combining your positive intentions with your treasures from nature, Dana will guide you in creating your own personal "magic wand", truly creating art with a purpose.

  • Day 3  Abstract Art Alfresco-  Dana will guide you through a serene morning of painting outside in nature where you will choose your own personal power word and express it on canvas.  No rules.  No stress.  Just creativity.

Join Dana for some arting, some laughs and an experience that will continue to uplift you and inspire you long after you return home.


Dana Sardano

By Discovering Nature you Discover Yourself.  
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